le grand inquisiteur star wars

Il réussit à entrer en connexion avec un énorme fyrnock vieux et blessé qu'il envoya à l'attaque, avant de s'écrouler au sol épuisé par cette utilisation excessive de la Force. Mass He was able to plant an XX-23 S-thread tracker on their ship moments before they jumped to hyperspace. [10] While interrogating Kanan, the Inquisitor demonstrated an affinity for mind tricks and the mind probe, allowing to potentially compel his victims to divulge information or to scan their thoughts and emotions for it. TIE Avancé v1[1] Details about STAR WARS Galaxy's Edge Disneyland LE Grand Opening Media Pin 2019 . [6] Tano fut disculpée, mais elle refusa de revenir au sein de l'Ordre Jedi et décida de chercher une nouvelle voie. [27], The Grand Inquisitor laid a trap for Jarrus and his Padawan, Ezra Bridger, in the Spire. La jeune Togruta fut forcée de s'enfuir jusque dans les bas-fonds de Coruscant où elle fut capturée. [45], The character was revealed at New York Comic Con 2013 during a panel about the show, in which a video was shown introducing the Inquisitor as a Jedi hunter who would be a recurring antagonist for the heroes. [44] Although he was a physical opponent for Jedi and tapped into the dark side of the Force, he did not appear overly emotional, instead operating as a cold and analytical mind. You can see the helmet typical of him, the jetpack and the mercenary armor. Ramenée au Temple par un groupe de Garde dont le Grand Inquisiteur faisait partie,[6] Tano fut expulsée de l'Ordre,[9] puis amenée devant le Chancelier Suprême Sheev Palpatine pour être jugée. Height The first Star Wars spin-off had more new characters than you could shake Chirrut Îmwe’s stick at. Espèce The Grand Inquisitor investigated the Sixth Brother's death, confirming another survivor of the Jedi Purge. [31] Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to rescue a Jedi survivor, the rebels undertook a mission to the Spire, where they intended to rescue the Jedi Master.[18]. Kanan still refused to talk, so the Inquisitor changed tactics: he asked Kanan how he had survived Order 66. [10] The Grand Inquisitor held some skill in Makashi, able to hold the upper hand against Kanan Jarrus twice whilst using the form before quickly defeating him. Bridger overheard the conversation, and he and Kell escaped the Academy with another cadet, Zare Leonis, who suspected that the Inquisitor was behind the disappearance of his sister, Dhara Leonis; Dhara was the star cadet at the Academy before her disappearance, which the Empire claimed was a result of her running away from the Academy. The Grand Inquisitor As a Jedi, he served in the Jedi Temple Guard,[7] a group of Jedi tasked with defending the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. He soon pushed Jarrus away through the Force and, per Vader's command, attempted to convert Bridger to the dark side. Pau'an[1] [29], The Inquisitor and his Imperial forces arrived in a village on the planet Vyndal in search of Jarrus after he had been seen close by. After his fall to the dark side, the Grand Inquisitor was responsible for hunting down and eliminating Jedi during the Great Jedi Purge. The unmistakable profile of Darth Vader and Le Creuset's ringed branding join forces on the lid of this Cast Iron Round Casserole. At some point, the partially trained Padawan Verla discovered the outpost, but abandoned the place after sensing the dark presence of the Inquisitor that resided within. [7], Au cours d'une session d'entraînement, Vador affronta le Sixième Frère. Utapau[1] Quatorze ans après, il fut chargé par Dark Vador d'éliminer les rebelles du Ghost sur Lothal. At some point, he became a member of the Jedi Order and rose to the rank of Jedi Knight. Position This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. [34], Following Leonis' raid on a group of smugglers, the Inquisitor and Captain Piers Roddance summoned Zare for a private meeting. In response, Leonis feigned ignorance but the Inquisitor could see that he was trying to hide something. [1] He studied the records of the Jedi Temple[18] to not only identify Jedi but also have an understanding of their combat forms and traditions. The Pau'an male who would one day become the Grand Inquisitor hailed from the planet Utapau, where he was born over fifteen years prior to the Invasion of Naboo. [6] Prior to his fall to the dark side, his eyes had gray sclerae and silver irises and pupils, along with light red markings around his eyes and down the sides of his face. Voyage vers Star Wars : Le Réveil de la Force, Voyage vers Star Wars : Les Derniers Jedi, Voyage vers Star Wars : L'Ascension de Skywalker, Star Wars: Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith, Pages utilisant des arguments dupliqués dans les appels de modèle, Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith 6: L'Élu 6, Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith 7: Les Ténèbres Étouffent la Lumière 1, Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith 8: Les Ténèbres Étouffent la Lumière 2, Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith 9: Les Ténèbres Étouffent la Lumière 3, Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith 19: La Forteresse de Vador 1, Dark Vador: Seigneur Noir des Sith 20: La Forteresse de Vador 2, Star Wars : Tout ce que vous devez savoir, Reaction: 'Star Wars Rebels' Season Finale [Non-Spoiler], And The Inquisitor's Past Revealed, Star Wars épisode III : La Revanche des Sith, https://starwars.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Le_Grand_Inquisiteur?oldid=344635. When the Inquisitor came perilously close to the edge, Kanan interrupted the duel to say that his foe was right: he was a coward but that he had discovered that there was something far more powerful than fear: the Force. Disponible Trouver un magasin près de chez vous; Éditeur: Fantasy Flight Games Plus de jeux chez cet éditeur AUTEUR(S): Justin Kemppainen, Corey Konieczka, Jonathan Ying Star Wars - Assaut sur l'Empire est nécessaire pour utiliser cette extension. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. Utapau[1] [40], The Grand Inquisitor continuing his interrogation with Governor Tarkin, Over Mustafar, the Inquisitor continued his interrogation of Kanan, asking him about other rebels he may have known. Affiliation [1] The Inquisitor also supported Captain Piers Roddance's view that the Empire needed to purge itself of all weakness and regarded compassion as the most insidious weakness. À ces mots, l'Inquisiteur activa la rotation de son sabre laser, mais Kanan glissa les siens au niveau de son manche et le coupa en deux. While hiding his collaboration with Morgan, Leonis pretended to support the Inquisitor's assessment that something was not right about Morgan. Having learned this information, the Inquisitor, speaking via hologram, told Aresko that he would arrive at the Imperial Academy the next day. He encountered these two Jedi on a number of occasions, including a Duel on Stygeon Prime and a duel on the asteroid base Fort Anaxes. [18] In addition to using the weapon to unnerve his enemies, he wielded it in order to quickly and efficiently end combat with as little effort as was required. Physical description [32], The Inquisitor was on Lothal for Empire Day when the rebels destroyed the prototype TIE Advanced v1. When Ezra used the Force to snatch Kanan's lightsaber from the Imperial agent's belt, the Inquisitor disengaged from the duel with Kanan and, activating his second blade, claimed that he would finally get the challenge that he had always wanted. [38], The Inquisitor was present in the Imperial Complex hangar when Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin arrived to investigate the situation on Lothal. À la place, il fut recruté par Sidious pour devenir le dirigeant de l'Inquisitorius, un groupe d'adeptes du côté obscur chargé de traquer les Jedi survivants. The fight was then stopped by the Emperor, who explained to Lord Vader who the Inquisitor and the Inquisitorius were. [7], Quelque temps après l'éradication de l'Ordre Jedi, le Grand Inquisiteur fut chargé de retourner dans le Temple Jedi et de pénétrer dans les Archives Jedi afin d'y trouver des éléments qui mènerait l'Inquisitorius sur la piste des Jedi survivants. [5], The Jedi Knight who would become the Grand Inquisitor wore formal robes and an identity-concealing mask during the days of the Jedi Order,[11] the ultimate expression of emotional detachment required in service to a higher calling. The Grand Inquisitor speaks to Zare Leonis. To ascertain his sister's fate, Zare enrolled at the Academy the following year. One night when he went to the orphanage, he was confronted by a surviving Jedi, Kira Vantala, to which the Grand Inquisitor expressed his shock, believing her to be a weak Jedi. Pau'an[1] [37] The Grand Inquisitor found Sloane on Lahn, where she had set a trap for Jarrus. C'est pour cette raison que ce dernier décida d'envoyer Dark Vador en personne pour s'occuper des rebelles de Lothal. Jarrus destroyed the console giving them access to the tower. The Inquisitor waited for them and ignited his lightsaber. They entered the cell and saw a projected image of Unduli, which faded into a sarcophagus that revealed the remains of the Jedi Master. [45] At one point, the Inquisitor was designed as a Chagrian. The Inquisitor spoke to Leonis and told the cadet to tell him everything he knew about Bridger and Kell. Immediately upon arriving, Tarkin berated Minister Maketh Tua and Agent Kallus for their inability to stop the rebellion. He made one last attempt to stop them by throwing his lightsaber towards them, but Jarrus deflected it and the rebels escaped aboard the Phantom, the attack shuttle that belonged to their main ship, the Ghost.[18]. [7], In 0 BBY, shortly after Jarrus' own death, his confrontation with the Grand Inquisitor was heard among numerous voices by Bridger as he passed through a hyper tunnel while riding a Loth-wolf on his mission to the Lothal Jedi Temple.[43]. [6] À la fin de la Guerre, le Chancelier Suprême – qui était secrètement Dark Sidious, Seigneur Noir des Sith– transforma la République en Empire Galactique et s'autoproclama Empereur Galactique.[12]. Autres informations [46] He would sometimes use a one-handed dueling technique not unlike that of Count Dooku,[18][48] a Makashi master. Yeleb would soon join the combat as well, wielding his own green-bladed lightsaber, leading the Inquisitor to assume that Yeleb was a Jedi too, although, in actual fact, a few years earlier Yeleb had taken the lightsaber from a crashed Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor with a dead Jedi pilot inside. Rather, he was afraid of losing those he cared about and being abandoned like he was when he lost his parents at a young age—a fear represented through the threat of the Inquisitor. Le grand Inquisiteur dans Star Wars Rebels — Crédit(s) : Disney. Learn about Star Wars characters, planets, ships, vehicles, droids, and more in the official Star Wars Databank at StarWars.com. Une rumeur concernant le fait que la maître Jedi Luminara Unduli était vivante en prison circulait, il s'en servit pour les attirer dans la Flèche de Spire, réputé imprenable. When alarms went off, the Inquisitor was unsurprised to find that the other rebels had come to rescue their friend. Ordre Jedi (anciennement)[5]République Galactique (anciennement)[6]Empire Galactique[1]Inquisitorius[1] [55] The Inquisitor made his first on-screen appearance in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion, which premiered on October 3, 2014. As Tarkin grew more frustrated with the lack of results, the Inquisitor arrived and told them that Jedi were trained to resist mind probes. Jarrus reawakened, grabbing Bridger and reclaiming his lightsaber. Together, they captured Jarrus and hoped to use him to learn more about a larger rebel movement that was operating in the galaxy. Il s'approcha d'eux pour les achever et projeta Ezra près du vide. [2] Au cours de sa vie, il intégra les rangs de l'Ordre Jedi où il devint un Chevalier Jedi. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [26], In the years prior to the Battle of Yavin, the Grand Inquisitor was contacted by Darth Vader, who told the Jedi hunter that the Emperor had foreseen a new threat rising to challenge his rule: the "children of the Force," who could not be allowed to become Jedi. [57] The episode "Shroud of Darkness" revealed that the Inquisitor was once a Jedi Temple Guard and a Jedi Knight. [30], Sometime later, fourteen years after the rise of the Empire, a group of rebels who operated on Lothal came to the attention of Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau. After his failure to stop the rebels on Stygeon Prime, the Inquisitor was contacted by Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko, the lead officer at the Imperial Academy on Lothal, who informed him of two students who potentially met his criteria for Force-sensitivity. Bridger realized, however, that he was not afraid of dying. 27 sept. 2020 - Explorez le tableau « ️Adam Driver ️ » de Jean-Bob, auquel 619 utilisateurs de Pinterest sont abonnés. Quatre ans avant la bataille de Yavin il affronta le Jedi Kanan Jarrus et son apprenti Ezra Bridger, dans un duel qui le mena à sa mort. The Inquisitor merely replied that he should ask Commandant Aresko. [45], In further differentiating the Inquisitor from past villains, the production team crafted him as a cold and analytical character who presents himself as elegant, sophisticated, and educated. However, he eventually pulled himself together, remembering his Jedi training, and rose to his feet.

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